Lesbos: Protests grow

Die Aktivist_innen der NoBorder-Kitchen Lesbos, die auch nach der Räumung des NoBorder-Camps noch aktiv sind, berichten von wachsenden Protesten auf der griechischen Insel in den vergangenen Tagen:

„26.05.16: After three days the protests are growing. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the port in Mytilini and marched the city streets for hours. It was the first protest where many different nationalities marched together under the same slogan, “We want freedom!” and you could see the uniting power of the people. The demonstration returned to the port where, to everyones surprise, the gates stood open and unguarded. Excited, people started running towards the ferry in hope of going to Athens. Despite their big numbers, they met resistance from the police and military, who forcefully evicted the port. Nevertheless the group continued to the main square of Mytilini where it was decided to keep the action running with more protests in the next days.

After months of repression, frustration and fighting each other the people are uniting, selforganizing and fighting together for their rights.

Further information: https://noborderkitchenlesvos.noblogs.org/