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Refugee from Moria/Lesbos: „I will not let the government define us as victims“

*English below*

Liebe Menschen,

ein Aktivist von Grenzenlos Kochen Hannover hat im “Hotspot” und Camp “Moria” auf der griechischen Insel Lesbos einen Refugee-Aktivisten aus Ghana getroffen. Dieser Refugee-Aktivist hat Texte geschrieben und Reden auf Demonstrationen und Aktionen gehalten, gegen die inhumanen Bedingungen im Camp Moria und gegen den unfairen Umgang mit Refugees generell. Gleichzeitig scheint die Situation der Refugees an den Grenzen Europas nicht mehr all zu viel Aufmerksamkeit der Menschen in Europa auf sich zu ziehen.
Aus diesem Grund sehen wir es als unsere Pflicht an, seine Stimme zu teilen und zu verstärken, auf dass sie ein Stachel im Bewusstsein der europäischen Bürger*innen sein wird.
Unten findet ihr seine Rede von einer Demonstration auf Lesbos im vergangenen Monat.

Teilen erwünscht!

Dear people,

an activist of Grenzenlos Kochen Hannover met a refugee-activist from Ghana in the “Hotspot”-Camp Moria on the Greek island Lesvos. This refugee-activist wrote texts and held speeches on demonstrations and actions against the inhumane conditions in Camp Moria and against the unfair treatment of refugees in general. At the same time, the situation of the refugees at the borders of Europe doesn‘t seem to attract european people’s attention any longer.
That’s why we see it as our duty to share and amplify his voice and let it be a sting in the consciousness of European citizens.
Below you will find his speech, held on a demonstration on Lesvos in the past month.

Sharing appreciated!

The speech / Die Rede:

“Hello, I am a refugee from Ghana, and I am hear to speak about the future. I will speak about our future, because I will not let the government define us as victims, or by our time here in Lesvos.

Our society is developing and continuously improving. That is what we hear all the time from the TV screen and front pages of the newspaper.

Undoubtedly, there are problems, which we have heard about from other speakers, but we are becoming a more tolerant society, with cultural diversity.

Sometimes people are now afraid to talk about race. Race has become a great taboo in our society. White folks fear their unspoken view will be deemed racist. People of color are filled with sorrow and rage at unrighted wrongs.

But we are all human brothers and sisters and we are drowning each other with our silence. We need to talk about race, and our history if we want to transform ourselves from fearful caterpillars into courageous butterflies. Only then we will be able to move forward together towards a bright and colorful future.

I am not a racist, I am against every form of racism and segregation, and every form of discrimination. I believe in the human beings and that all humans beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color. But we cannot ignore history and the systematic racism in our society, and that is happening now with Europe´s racist polices that want to keep out all refugees. We now see the same happening in the United States.

I believe in the law, I think we have a great system of justice. But I do think the system of justice has been corrupted by racism and classism. I think it is difficult for ‚poor people‘, poor white peoples, black people to be treated fairly before the law in the same way that upper class people are. I believe that closing the door to refugees is based on Europe´s racist relationship with its former colonies.

We are not victims of these racist polices. We are intellectuals and free thinkers, and are creating our own path to freedom. What we are saying is:
Stop all Deportations,
Lift travel restrictions and
Close Moria Refugee Camp!

Hate is our enemy, not the falling brothers,
and I know hate put us into this situation,
but the love of the people will give us our freedom!“

Soliparty: 2.541,60€ für NoBorderKitchen Lesbos gesammelt

2.541,60€ wurden am vergangenen Samstag bei dieser Soli-Party für die NoBorderKitchen Lesbos gesammelt.
Das Orga-Team bedankt sich bei 582 gezählten Besucher*innen!

Bereits übermorgen wird ein Genosse aus Hannover nach Lesbos fahren und dort u.a. auch die NoBorderKitchen besuchen.
Falls es etwas zu berichten gibt, erfahrt ihr das hier.